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The PARISC, through its Action Leading Panels (ALPs), will seek to harmonise, promote and support, through shared learning, action research, policy drafting, logistics and various other forms of Positive Action, the interests and efforts of all peoples and their Communities, and formally and informally organised groups and networks, which are endeavouring to study and practically contribute sincerely to Pan-Afrikan Reparations. This at present can be regarded as those efforts of Communities of Reparatory Justice Interest (CORJIs), and others whose endeavours contribute to building the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations (ISMAR) and its interlinked Peoples Reparations International Movement (PRIM), so as to advance Decolonization in order to completely Stop the Maangamizi (harms of neocolonialism, colonialism and chattel enslavement) and to glocally enhance peoples’ inalienable rights to Self-Determination, Self-Conscientization and Self-Empowerment in Sovereignty as conducive to winning and securing Planet Repairs.